Push Play Events

PUSH PLAY EVENTS is a fresh, young and fun company that ensures that any gathering transforms into a party at the simple push of a button. There is a belief among us in PUSH PLAY that having a good time is an intrinsic part of any event whether it is a corporate seminar or big time birthday bash. We ensure quality, originality and most of all excitement to any situation and the biggest key to our success is creating a personal yet professional relationship with each and every client. Through this personal approach we are able to guarantee that every event is a reflection of what the client believes is desirable and fun.

Here at PUSH PLAY, we do not simply plan and organize events, but we make it a point to create the buzz and hype in order to make your event the talk of the town. We bring the party to your doorstep whether it is a small gathering among friends or a big celebration of anything and everything under the sun.

You may ask how we are capable of doing this? It may even sound too good to be true for some of you. But the key components in our ability to provide the best service to our customers is the dedication and actual experiences of the 4 people who brought the idea of PUSH PLAY EVENTS to life. Aside from our passion for having a great time, the cumulative and individual experience of each person allows us to bring to the table everything that is needed in order to make your event the best it can be.

Queenie Cocjin, our creative director, is a practicing designer, architecture student, all around artist and avid writer. She takes care of all the aesthetic needs of each and every project. No beautiful detail or creative possibility is left unexplored when she is involved. With her on board any event becomes a work of art that is pleasing to our client’s eye.

Victor Vale, our operations manager, has had 4 years of hands-on experience in events management. He graduated as a business major and is the head of his own company allowing him to hone and master his skills in operations management. His familiarity with the ins and outs of the industry and experience in business assures the client that everything will run to maximum efficiency and the goals of both parties are met.

PJ La Vina, our marketing and client relations manager, is a professional musician, events host and a promoter for independent productions. He has gained countless connections within the industry throughout the years giving him the ability to create a buzz for any event as well provide all the personnel our clients desire. He also serves as the constant and dedicated connection of the client to the people here at PUSH PLAY.

Talia Reyes, our finance manager, is a prominent figure in social media and a known name in the local entertainment industry. This is due to the fact that she appeared on the Voice of the Philippines and comes from a family that works closely with big names and talents. Aside from this, she has had several experiences with finance on the scholastic and professional level allowing her to give our clients the best possible price for all the services needed in an event. The unique combination of her fields of expertise is the key to giving our clients a bang for their buck.

Together, we at PUSH PLAY provide you, our clients, with the tools to make your dream event into a reality… all you have to do is PUSH PLAY.

Contact persons – Queenie R. Cocjin - Creative Director / PJ La Vina - Marketing and Promotions Director

Unit 518 Burgundy Place Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights, Quezon City

  • [0917] 627-6778
  • [0917] 857-5247