Alarcon Catering Services

Alarcon Catering aims to be a best caterer in the country, most influential and trusted service provider.

Alarcon Catering delivers the high quality of food, great relationships with the clients, excellence thru good service, observance, cleanliness, hygiene and inspires life celebration for God's Blessings.

Mr. Froilan San Miguel Alarcon together with his wife Mrs. Juanita De Galicia Alarcon, chose to venture in food industry, specifically on food catering business. It was January year 1995, when the couple decided to start the business. At first they don't know where to start but with the help of their friends, the business was well introduced and advertised.

Contact persons – Froilan Alarcon / Teng Alarcon-Villaceran

#17 N. de Galicia Street Maysan, Valenzuela

  • [02] 292–6555
  • [02] 292–6545
  • [0922] 800-6790